This is EnerCrox.

The emphasis is on efficient energy utilization.

EnerCrox Inc. is a multinational company. Its main objective is the efficiency evaluation and utilization of existing energy sources. The US American stock corporation is 100 percent privately held. The company is headquartered in Montana.

The shareholders hail from Germany, UK and the United States. EnerCrox projects an annual turnover in the hundreds of millions by the end of 2017.

The main products are advanced developments of the German HalbStrom® technology. EnerCrox is exclusive partner to the American market for energy efficiency devices. Starting in October, 2016, devices developed for the local market will be produced at different locations in the US. To do so, EnerCrox will create more than 150 new jobs.

The product portfolio is accepted by more and more purchasers in the US.

EnerCrox: solutions for power, water and wind.

The HalbStrom Story.

EcoControl ensures energy savings of up to 58 percent.

HalbStrom® is an energy efficiency device which is primarily used in street lighting throughout Germany and Europe. The internationally patented control module EcoControl achieves power cost savings of up to 58%.

HalbStrom® technology is used by municipalities, public institutions, military bases and in production facilities. In the US, modified versions of the technology are available in the HVAC sector and also for household devices. The core market in the US currently encompasses large commercial structures such as hotels and office buildings.

Today, schools, hospitals, senior residence facilities and kindergartens already use HalbStrom® solutions. In Germany and Europe the systems are offered on a monthly lease basis, in the US market other capitalization models are applied. This is due to the individual market situations in the various US states.

EnerCrox: markets without borders, revenues without boundaries.

EnerCrox customers start earning after as little as one year.

With the HalbStrom® technology, EnerCrox has entered a market which promises continuous growth for the next 20 years. The published photo illustrates this: each AC device is marked in red. Each device needs HalbStrom® technology.

In the US, central heating is not common. Instead, combination HVAC devices are used which run year-round. All consume power. This means that around the clock and throughout the entire year, the power consumption by HVAC devices alone reaches immeasurable heights.

Due to the compounded calculations applied in the US, the actual price of one kilowatt hour is rather hard to calculate. However, it has certainly reached European pricing levels.

After only one year, the EnerCrox solutions Eco1 and US1 start making money for their users. The devices are designed for a maintenance-free 15 year lifecycle.

LiquiSolar: Yet another unique product offered by EnerCrox.

With LiquiSolar®, EnerCrox is taking solar power plants to the water. This concept of solar panel placement offers substantial advantages where the environment and the efficiency of the systems are concerned. The permanent cooling of the system means that the actual power gain is higher than in land installations.

The technology used in LiquiSolar® is patented globally. The systems are suitable for custom designs and deployments. Depending on the size of the system, it can be installed within one day.

LiquiSolar® isn’t just a product for activist investors, it is the next step on the way to clean energy and a better understanding of the environment. And aside from that, the systems make money – not only by receiving buyback compensation, but due to the fact that these systems help in solving energy problems right where they occur.

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The fascination of new EnerCrox technologies.

We’re raising the bar on current environmental solutions.

Catch the wind means win.

EnerCrox is developing novel wind power plants.

EnerCrox: keep it simple.

Research and development.

EnerCrox operates internationally. EnerCrox maintains close cooperations with universities and higher education institutions. If we have questions, we ask the right people. Because high-quality answers are the key to creating outstanding products and solutions that will have the potential to change our daily lives.

We find ourselves operating in a sector where one would have to assume that the available products are already mature enough to compete on the market. After all, we see alternative energy sources everywhere now.

We therefore find it all the more puzzling that today’s solutions aren’t the solutions for tomorrow. This is why the research and development area is so important to us. If our current technological status in the energy field corresponds to that of the beginning of the industrial revolution, then, the developments of the future are yet to come.

Over the next 20 years, new solutions will help to create new products. More markets will be cultivated, conquered and saturated. EnerCrox will be part of this.


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Product development.

When talking to our business partners, we are often asked what the secret behind our work is. In our minds, the answer is quite simple. We are just trying to find out how to make products even better. Or simpler.

All EnerCrox products are well established on the market. There are first-class solar plants, nifty wind power plants and numerous interesting solutions for agrarian irrigation. Energy efficiency systems are present in power plants and large production plants.

EnerCrox specializes in serving niche markets. But when taking a closer look, we often find these niches to be quite sizeable. Or, at other times, we find that certain products aren’t used to their full potential.

We’re driven by playful simplicity. We can and want to change the world. We want to make it a little bit more lovable and a little bit nicer to live in. Our plan hinges on efficiency. No energy should ever be lost – not the energy of people, and not the energy in our technologies.


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Market cultivation and marketing.

Like anyone else, we too cannot succeed without reasonable market research and in-depth analyses. We must understand our markets. We need to relearn what people really need and, above all else, what makes their daily lives easier.

First and foremost is of course the economic benefit: does the product have the potential to ease the burden on the budget and which markets does it address? In the course of our work, we have found out the differences between a normal household and the needs of a business operation aren't all that different.

Both need quickly available, efficient and simple solutions. EnerCrox is particularly keen on creating technologies and solutions that work out of the box. They must be available quickly. They must be of high quality. They must represent great craftsmanship and offer great benefits.

They must be affordable and their use must translate into financial gains to the customer. And oh yeah, let’s talk about marketing: Everything written here basically is the EnerCrox marketing. It is how we see ourselves.


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We invest our energy in stunning products.

EnerCrox means productive value creation. It is time you profited too.

We have products with growth potential.

EnerCrox is a strong partner. You should become ours.


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